15 May, 2019 Medical Billing

Eligibility verification is considered as a heart in the medical billing process as it performs the dual roles like sweeping and striking the success rate in this sector. All relevant information of the patient will boost the revenue to the doctors. In this busy world, we want to accomplish everything in a fraction of second. Under this scenario, we are ready to ignore the pioneering part of medical billing. None tries to understand the importance and value of it. We ignore it, in order to reduce stress, but the outcome is additional stress and panic only.

Eligibility verification is not only authenticating the patient’s details although surveying their personal records is reliable to the insurance policy or not. It is a primary part of medical billing, which validates the patient’s insurance details. It can act as a starting stage and a stoppable stage too. There are many possibilities to obtain denied claims in spite of wrong or inaccurate patient information. In this case, excessive care and consideration should be given to this fundamental process. It gradually progresses the standards and revenue of medical practitioners.

Insurance Verification Process

Follow this GSTS to process your medical billing swiftly,

Ø Get the patient’s health records through Electronic records
Ø Substantiate patient’s insurance coverage
Ø Track the information of patients
Ø Streamline the billing system with required eligibility and verification details


The insurance carrier asks for the following details,

Ø Patient’s name and date of birth
Ø Type of Insurance policy
Ø ID number
Ø Group number
Ø Both primary and secondary contact information like phone number, mail address, website and home address for the submission of claims

To recycle your revenue cycle, deciding the best Healthcare service is essential. Grasp these tips in selecting the best one for you.

Ø Affordable healthcare services
Ø Reduced operational costs
Ø Simplified workflow and procedures
Ø Fewer restrictions more benefits
Ø Genius in guiding the peculiar plans
Ø Ensure the eligibility of insurance carriers
Ø A suitable approach for various specialties
Ø All-time available AR caller service
Ø Reduce rework and recover more
Ø Hassle free platform
Ø Dealing the issues attentively
Ø Speedy in billing the critical claims
Ø Meticulous medical Coding
Ø Recovering the denial claims quickly
Ø Know-how in handling crisis situations
Ø Resolving the bills according to the priority
Ø Easy procedures in enrolling with them
Ø Should care for our emergency health claims
Ø Relieve our stress
Ø Relevant information in preceding the medical billing

Here we have presented some details to deal throughout Eligibility verification

Ø Aware of Insurance plan policies and norms
Ø Patient policy status
Ø Benefits of the plans
Ø Verify whether it’s applicable to you
Ø Pre-authorizations from physicians
Ø Type of plan and coverage details
Ø The validity of the plan
Ø Supplemental insurance policies
Ø Address and mail verification
Ø Referrals